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Game 1 Highlights. Game 2, Bring it on!

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I originally called this blog ‘mostly hockey’ – as I dicuss hockey, and other things that interest me.  Then I decided…well, Photography is just as much a part of me as hockey is.  My old friends may remember I ran a my own personal blog at  This was before wordpress, before the term ‘blogging’ I believe.  It was somewhere I posted my thoughts and feelings about life, love and my view of the pursuit of happiness.

Fear not, I won’t get to that degree of personal communication here.  not usually anyway.  Maybe.

Right now, this is the perfect vehicle to post images I take, talk about subjects I’m passionate about – and give those who read, glimpses into my mind.  Scary, deep stuff.

A few more shots from Game 1 before I turn my attention to the game today!

The Man Behind the Mask

A Task at Hand

Looking out over the battlefield

The Conn Man

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